meet-us-chris“Life’s a hectic round of challenges and surprises – daily work, family commitments and helping with the Boys’ Brigade,” said Chris. “Knowing Jesus helps me to fit it together to make sense.”


meet-us-dianeI have had my share of sorrow and heartache,” said Diane. “It is good to get support and friendship from other people in the church to keep things in perspective. I also feel comfortable with the thought that we all have a place in the plan of God.”

meet-us-alex“The great thing about DSBC is that it broke all the preconceptions I had about the church. It was nothing like I imagined and had indeed experienced in the past. I started attending when I was relatively new in my faith but the the warm support and fellowship I’ve received from the Church Members since being there has really helped my faith grow and develop. It’s because of this that I now feel ready to take the next step to Baptism”

meet-us-alison“I meet lots of suffering every day, but I find it easier to face when I think that God knows about it and suffers alongside us. The daily experience of people recovering is also a picture of what God can do with those who seem to be weakest.”