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Letter from America IV

by Simon

Saturday 4th August

Since last writing, Catriona and I have moved further west, to Georgetown, Kentucky. Georgetown College is the oldest Baptist college west of the Allegheny Mountains and its links with Regent’s Park College over the course of the last 25 years have led to my getting to know a number of American ministers and academics. This area of … Read more >

Letter from America III

by Simon

Thursday 2nd August

We left the Big Apple behind us on Tuesday morning and headed south to, well, The South. We took the main east coast interstate that skirted Baltimore and Washington DC to arrive in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond was the capital of the Confederate States in the Civil War and those dark times still have an impact today. Monument … Read more >

Letter from America II

by Simon

Monday 30th July

We seem to have done a lot since I last wrote as we had to pack our sight-seeing into fewer days than we had allowed. We have managed to fit in all the major sights … and got to church yesterday. Baptist churches in the USA vary a lot more than they do in the UK and … Read more >

Letter from America I

by Simon

Saturday 28th July

“When you go, will you send back a letter from America?” So sang The Proclaimers as some of us heard last Sunday … and this is my answer.

I’m writing this in our hotel in Jersey City, which has a roof terrace with views across to the iconic Manhattan skyline. However, it has not been an easy … Read more >

Toddlers – Summer Break

by Simon

Our Toddler Group is now on its summer break. We will begin again on Wednesday 12th September after a well-earned break for our volunteer staff. We hope that you will have a great summer and look forward to welcoming you back next term.… Read more >

Toddlers – Summer Session

by Simon

Our Toddler Group’s Summer session will begin on Wednesday 25th April and run until 25th May.

Come and play Meet friends Have a cuppa Wednesday mornings term time. Lower Hall 9.45-11.15am For carers, parents and children under 5.  All are welcome, whether or not you have been before.… Read more >

There’s a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Kathmandu … IX

by Simon

Tuesday 27th February

As I was going to visiting the Drews who work for BMS in Nepal, it was a requirement that I complete a health check to make sure I would be up to it. This was mainly via a self-disclosure form which included recording my height and weight. When the report came back it suggested that I might … Read more >

There’s a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Kathmandu … VII

by Simon

Sunday 25th February

It’s Sunday, so therefore it’s time for church, right? Not in Nepal, it’s not. Saturday is church day here as it’s the only day off most people have. So therefore we must have gone to church yesterday, then? Well, no …

Yesterday, the BMS workers in Nepal had a retreat day, led by me, so that was … Read more >